GORD BAMFORD Honkytonks & Dive Bar Tour  - Barrie, ON.


GORD BAMFORD Honkytonks & Dive Bar Tour - Barrie, ON.

JoJo Mason, Johnson's Creek, Jade Eagleson

Fri · November 23, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:45 pm

Mavricks Music Hall

Barrie, ON

This event is 19 and over

Gord Bamford is country through and through. In the way he lives his life and in the way he writes his songs, Gord brings a unique out-look to his music in which his heartfelt sincerity can instantly be heard. Whether in front of 35,000 screaming fans opening for Tim McGraw at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton Alberta, or playing a quiet small town hall for 150 people, Gord is right at home!

Born in Taralgon, Australia Gord’s parents divorced when Gord was four. His mother moved Gord and his sister back to her native Canada to the small town of Lacombe Alberta where he still resides today. Gord had a love of music from an early age and one experience as a young child set the ball in motion for a career in music – being invited on stage to sing “Rockabilly Rebel” with legendary rocker Rod Stewart! Through his teenage years Gord spent the majority of his time involved in sports and actually entertained the thought of a professional career in baseball. His love of music…. Country music especially, however continued to grow and in 1994 Gord made to the finals of a local Search for the Stars contest. He won first prize which included a recording session at a professional recording studio. It was at this point that Gord decided to put sports on hold and focus his energy into music….. and a lot of country music fans are glad he did!

In 2001, Gord recorded his first full length album and began writing the songs that would form the basis for “God’s Green Earth”. During the recording sessions, Gord came across a song that had been sent to him from Nashville. The song “God’s Green Earth” was written by respected Nashville hit-maker Byron Hill and once the album was finished, Gord sent a copy to Byron so he could hear how the song turned out. Byron heard something he liked in the small town Alberta boy’s voice and invited him to Nashville to meet and discuss Gord’s music and future. This sent a chain reaction into motion and Byron has been involved in Gord’s career ever since, producing Gord’s next two albums and co-writing a lot of the hit songs you know so well.

“He’s a true country artist and is destined to be a huge star. His very likeable personality will endear him to even the harshest critics of the genre, and those who really know the genre will instantly hear Gord’s roots. Gord Bamford lives it, breathes it and sings it!” Byron Hill, Nashville Singer/Songwriter

Gord’s sophomore album “Life Is Good”, was released in 2004 to rave reviews and generated SIX top twenty radio hits! Including “Life Is Good’, “Heroes”, “All About Her”, and “I Would For You”, firmly establishing Gord as an up and coming star in the Canadian country music scene.

During these years, Gord spent a lot of time honing his skills out on the road playing clubs, halls, and rodeos. For every mile under those tires, there’s a story waiting to be told and Gord took advantage of each opportunity to write those songs and tell those stories. Numerous trips to Nashville, writing with Byron as well as other top songwriters, has sharpened Gord’s skill as a tunesmith and have made him a sought after collaborator in Canada as well!

Gord’s third full length album titled “Honkytonks And Heartaches”, was released in September of 2007 and has solidified his place as a chart topper in the Canadian country music industry. Gord’s song writing skill has never been more evident than in this collection of tunes with the first three singles; “Blame it On That Red Dress”, “Went For One, Stayed Till Two”, racing up the charts to become number one top charting Canadian singles on country radio. Also on the album, “Postcard from Pasadena” and the latest hit single “Little Guy” are the type of country songs that Albums of The Year are made of, and Larry DeLaney (Publisher of Country Music News) declared “Honkytonks and Heartaches” was indeed the Canadian Country Album of the Year!

“Gord Bamford is creating music that researches as well or better than the superstar acts. Gord gets music and gets what radio wants - all the while keeping it true to what he believes in. He's at the point now where you recognize his voice and his sound and realize it's that new sound you love and want to turn up and really listen to. To add to all of that Gord is just a really good guy that once you get to know him you just really want to cheer him on!”

Mark Patric, Assistant Program Director/Music Director 93.7 JRfm

2008 was a banner year for Gord Bamford and he has showed that he has the skill and talent necessary to keep him at the top for years to come! Gord received his first ever Juno nomination for Country Recording of the Year where he performed on the nationally televised show. This honour was followed by the Calgary Stampede asking Gord to write the 2008 Stampede theme song titled “This Old Hat”. The year was topped off at the Canadian Country Music Awards, where Gord picked up the CCMA for Top New Male Talent, Record Producer Of The Year (with Byron Hill), and Video Of The Year for Blame It On That Red Dress (which also was a number one video on CMT)! Gord’s fans can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

“The guy is one of the purest country vocalists of our generation. The most rewarding aspect of working with Gord has been watching him transition from a great singer/songwriter into a tremendous singer/songwriter AND entertainer.” Jim Cressman, Cressman Sakamoto Agency

Most people only know the Gord Bamford they see on CMT and hear on the radio but there is a lot more to the multi-award winning country star than you think. A stead fast family man, Gord works tirelessly to promote his Gord Bamford Care For Kids Foundation and hosts a yearly Charity golf tournament where in 2008, he raised over $60,000 dollars for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lacombe. He also collaborated with the Calgary Stampede Giddy Up Galla to create a heart warming video for his song “Things Go Better With Love”, and was privileged to star in this video with special needs kids from the Calgary area.

Gord Bamford is more than just a Country singer. His song writing reaches out to touch the soul of many, his performance connects with people inexpressibly, and his passion for life comes through his actions as he supports many organizations that pursue goals of helping make a better society. Gord Bamford is as true as they come.

Dan Finley – Calgary Stampede Programming Manager

One of the most important goals for Gord is to give to his fans what they have given to him and all it takes is one Gord Bamford concert for everyone to know exactly what he means. The Gord Bamford show is full of emotion, laughter, and energy and he takes special pride in surrounding himself with some of the best musicians in the country.

One thing is for certain, Gord Bamford is here to stay! His no nonsense style of country music has created a solid and loyal fan base that will only continue to grow. If you’re in the mood for country music.... the kind of country music that tells a story we all can relate to…. the kind of country music that touches the deepest parts of our soul and stirs emotions we keep deep in our hearts…. the kind of country music that lifts your spirits and makes you laugh out loud ... Gord Bamford will deliver!

“Every time I step off of that bus, my goal is to leave it all out there on that stage….. leave it in the hearts and minds of those people who are there because they want to be entertained. If I am able to enrich the day or touch the hearts of those people, I can get back on that bus knowing that what I do matters! This is all I need to keep me going from coast to coast, and town to town … doing my best to bring my music to anyone who wants to listen!
JoJo Mason
JoJo Mason
"When fate, serendipitous timing and a jar of moonshine combine - expect the extraordinary. Expect the unexpected...and look the f#*k out"

- Dan Swinimer - Writer / Producer (Madeline Merlo, Tim Hicks, Billy Currington, Rod Black)

When JoJo Mason walked in to a Christmas party on December 21st 2013 clutching a jar of that Ole' Smokey Moonshine, he could not have predicted how a strange combination of events would change the course of his life forever.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan February 26, 1990, JoJo spent most of his early years like many true Canadian kids - playing hockey on ice rinks and frozen lakes. With the opportunity of a successful career in the sport, he relocated to Victoria, BC in 2004 to play at the junior ranks. But this pursuit suddenly came to a screeching halt after suffering a herniated disk. This injury was devastating to his future in hockey and drove him down an unknown road without a destination - until now.

As the story goes - that fated jar of moonshine resolved a debate Dan had had with a co-writer earlier that day:

"During my writing session I wanted to use the line 'drinking moonshine out of a jar' because growing up in a small town, that's exactly what we used to do. My co-writer had never heard of this and we debated this line for some time - we never did settle on it. Later that night at a Christmas party, in walks some guy named JoJo and to my delight, he was toting a jar of moonshine. This was an immediate talking point for us and the rest is history."

Some say everything happens for a reason and some believe in fate. Whatever the case, JoJo’s irresistible personality and obvious star quality caught Dan's attention and as the night wore on and the drinks continued to flow, JoJo expressed an interest in singing.

"At first I just passed it off as booze talk. Jojo had absolutely zero experience as a singer. In fact - until that moment he had never even aspired to be a singer. When I asked JoJo if he could sing, he uttered his now legendary response 'I'm not the worst - I sing in the shower'. The more I talked to him and experienced his infectious, magnetic personality, the more I felt it worth my time to see if this guy could actually sing."

And sing he could. It's been a busy year since JoJo started his work with Dan and Manicdown Productions - learning the guitar and piano, becoming an accomplished writer and continuing to develop his already amazing voice. JoJo's music is about having fun, appreciating life and sharing stories. It is passionately country, but with no fear of a deep groove, fresh lyric or original melody. He will charm you with his personality, wow you with his beat boxing, earn your respect with his work ethic, inspire you with his character and compassion, elicit a smile with his message but most importantly, Jojo will sweep you off your feet with his voice. From a moonshine slinging, shower singing prairie boy to Canada’s next country music sensation - JoJo Mason.

"What I love about Jojo is that he’s pure, raw talent. I love his voice, his story, plus he’s got this magnetism about him that draws you in. Great dude - through and through!”

- Tim Hicks

"Jojo has got heart and charisma but most of all, he has extraordinary God given talent. I can't wait to buy his album!"

- Madeline Merlo

"I believe strongly in my heart that Jojo is exactly what country music needs. With his honesty, integrity, originality, and that bigger than life personality and undeniable soulful voice of his, it's just a matter of time before he's heard on the world stage."
Johnson's Creek
Johnson's Creek
Johnson's Creek is a premier country rock band from south-central Ontario. The music is
fresh, drawing inspiration from legends like: Cash, Haggard and Williams, with the fun lyrical styling of The Road Hammers and Blackjack Billy. The music is best described as country-rock or "redneck rock n' roll". The guys bring a high energy stage presence and love to get interactive with their audience.
JCB has played venues big and small throughout Ontario, from the tips of South-western Ontario to the great white north. The band loves to support local charities and have been invited to participate/perform at several charities and private functions in their own communities.
Having released their debut single "Ocean Fantasy in July 2017, Johnson's Creek have now released their summer-time hit "I Like It Dirty" in June 2018.
Jade Eagleson
Jade Eagleson
Jade Eagleson has the kind of traditional sound that is the heart and soul of country music. Even at only 24-years-old, he has a unique ability to take you back in time to the glory days of Johnny Cash, George Jones and Randy Travis.
Jade was raised on his grandparents’ farm in Ontario, Canada, where he worked alongside his father tending crops and livestock. While life may have lead him off the farm for a stint here and there, it always brought him back just the same. Even these days when he’s not playing his guitar you’ll still find a shovel in his hand.
Jade has been making music most of his life but only considered country music as a career when confronted with the harsh reality of figuring out how to save the farm and keep it in the family. While he may have started playing in empty bars, he soon caught his break when he earned his way into the Emerging Artist Showcase for Canada’s largest country music festival in 2017. Jade’s sound stunned audiences and easily separated him from the pack, which saw him take home top prize. Jade was immediately signed to Universal Music Canada and has been working on his debut album.
Venue Information:
Mavricks Music Hall
46 Dunlop Street West
Barrie, ON, L4N 0J3