DWAYNE GRETZKY Halloween Concert Party TONIGHT!
Presented By Inside The Music

Dwayne Gretzky

Mavricks Music HallBarrieON
Ages 19+
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DWAYNE GRETZKY is a curated nostalgia trip that captures the unique joy of turning a radio dial and being surprised by the familiar. A 10+ piece juggernaut that brings to life the greatest songs of all time, this talented group of Toronto musicians ignites audiences with their charm, fidelity and theatrical flair. Celebrating classic pop and rock, from Fleetwood Mac to Fatboy Slim, Dwayne Gretzky has delivered electrifying renditions of over 600 songs.

Since the band’s inception in 2011, Dwayne Gretzky has developed a fervent fanbase solely on the strength of their live show - performing classic songs with faithful precision. Now, after eight years and hundreds of shows cultivating a vast repertoire, the band has brought all of this experience into the studio to record a collection of reimagined covers. The self-titled debut album, due out August 23, is a dynamic exploration of Dwayne Gretzky’s varied influences, a musical DNA splicing of styles and genres that showcases the band’s versatility, creativity and mature grasp of songcraft.

In the months leading up to the album, Dwayne Gretzky will release a series of A-side/B-side digital singles that pay homage to the lost art form of flipping a 45rpm record. With this sentiment in mind, each A-side single is complimented with a B-side of contrasting sound, allowing listeners to uncover the diversity of the project as a whole.

Whether reinterpreting a classic in their latest recordings or playing one note-for-note at a live show, Dwayne Gretzky continues to shatter conventions and bring people together in a celebration of the songs we all forgot we loved.

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Venue Information:
Mavricks Music Hall
46 Dunlop St. West
Barrie, ON, L4N 1A4